NAACP Award Winner Antonia Badon
Cultural Entrepreneur, TV and Radio Producer ~Gold star NYC License Tour Guide
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TV: RenaissanceTRAVELLER
 SPECTRUM - Lifestyle/Channel 2 – HD Channel 5
Airs: Saturdays, 3:30pm -4:00pm
FiOS 34- MNN 2-RCN 83 - SPECTRUM 56 &1996
Antonia Badon's Renaissance Travels is a variety show that exposes audiences to the arts, culture and music via moving images
RenaissanceTraveller w/Starring Antonia Badon Zipping through your Town
The Harlem Renaissance Time Travel Anthology Radio Show
RADIO: Harlem Renaissance TIME TRAVEL Anthology show
Travel-Back-In-Time to the Harlem Renaissance with Renaissance GadAbout Antonia Badon on the
            Airs: Sundays, 4:30pm-5:30pm on WHCR 90.3FM_THE VOICE OF HARLEM            WHERE THE PAST & PRESENT CO-EXIST LIKE AN INFINITE LOVE STORY.
I am renaissance gadabout Antonia Badon.  My unique time-travel program highlights a glimpse into the lifestyle, places, poets, writers, intellectuals, artists and all the happenings during Harlem’s roaring 20’s, 30’s & 40’s.  Get your cultural compass out and let’s embark on this fascinating era together through interviews with modern scholars, music and poetry sessions from the legendary renaissance period.


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