On-Camera Technique

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The Maria Greco was committed to quality acting coaching and sound business practices for over thirty years. As formally trained by Maria Greco, our intention is to build on the business that Maria began, using the techniques that she created. Actors, both seasoned and beginners, who wish to hone their craft can have access to resources for a fee. Classes are ongoing. There is a maximum of 10 students per class and a minimum of 8 students per class. 

What is technique?

Technique allows you to know what you are doing from moment to moment. We will teach you to develop your intuition and impulses and create work that is instantly alive, instantly believable, with instantly immeditacy. You will be given the freedom to explore the root of your great self, your persona, your personality which will allow you to create work with confidence, positive choices, and memorable moments.

Once technique becomes second nature for the actor, it's time to break it all down using frame-by-frame analysis of your technique. The frame-by-frame method is a guaranteed method to improve your audition performance at any age.

On-camera technique

This school takes a pragmatic approach to the business of acting. A student begins at his/her beginning. In other words, the instructor takes you from where you are to your next step. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have had some classes or lots of classes. Or are a professional who would like to brush up. Each student works and progresses at his/her personal speed. No one is rushed, though certainly encouraged. The instructor is always a step ahead luring the student into his/her next skill level. 

 Students are taught the reality of the business along with:

  • the language
  • how to interview
  • how to audition
  • their best angles on -camera
  • how to address the camera
  • how to use the camera when it is observing you
  • connect with the copy emotionally and personally while trusting your instincts and developing wide emotional range and instantly clear choices
  • keeping the stakes high by using personalization and personal experience
  • practical meet and greet tips
  • practical tips about auditioning

Mechanics: some examples of improper technique

  • blinking
  • excessive movement
  • arms moving while delivering copy
  • head pivoting
  • eyes reading the copy instead of looking in the camera 
  • body leaning forward
  • nervous energy on screen
  • and more . . .

 What we offer:

  • Agents / Casting Director Auditions
  • Scene Study / Monologue Classes
  • On-camera Commercial Technique Classes
  • Brush-up commercial classes for professional actors
  • Career guidance and counseling
  • Children's classes
  • Master Classes
  • Novice Classes
  • Basic Beginner Classes
  • Seminars about the acting world
  • Quarterly Showcases
  • One-Day Workshops